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30 People REAL-TIME GPS tracking, 3.7 miles Working Globally & Messaging. No Phones or Monthly Fees.

Tracking group locations up to 30 people simply on one screen. Sending messages without phones. Working globally to find friends & kids in crowds, remote areas, at festivals, or anywhere under the open sky.

  •  Up to 30 locations tracked & shown
  •  Secure & Private Network
  •  No Phones or Monthly Fees
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XQUAD is the ultimate solution for finding FRIENDS and FAMILY. It allows you to go off-cellular in a long-range, not just for sharing location information but even sending messages and setting safe zones for kids and pets.

Find everyone in your group has never been more accessible. Unlike other one-on-one GPS trackers, XQUAD has implemented innovative technology. It collects each one of the members' Real-time location information and put everyone in a more comprehensive radar map so that you know who is close to you when you need help, and who is falling behind.

Invented by XQUAD, the unique patented radio-frequency protocol empowered the device a long-range, reliable communication up to 3.7 miles (6 km). With its own powerful geographic information acquisition system, XQUAD can exchange geo-info among devices in the same team.

To send messages, at the same time, avoiding collides becomes a big challenge. Thanks to the in-house developed protocol, XQUAD can automatically sequence the signals and catch every detail as expected without missing a message.

  • To prevent unintended activations and extend battery life, the screen can be switched off and the rotary knob can be deactivated and locked when the Screen Off / Pets Mode is on.
  • When you have finally found a place to pitch your camp, excited kids and dogs won't make it easy for you. Setting up a safe zone for the whole XQUAD team, stay alert when someone crosses the line. Safe Zone will also move along with the leader, if someone falling behind or moving too fast ahead, an alarm will be triggered to notify everyone in the group.
  • To trigger an emergency SOS alert when you are in danger, holding any two buttons at the same time. Emergency notification will be broadcasted to everyone in the group.

What are the core features make XQUAD outstanding?

  • Locate up to 30 objectives at a glance, range up to 3.7 miles. Broadcast / private cellular-off message. IP67 water-resistance. 4 satellite system GPS. Accelerometer & Compass & Barometric Altimeter. Quick Click SOS, Virtual perimeter safe zone. Standby up to 72 hours, Real-time tracking up to 24 hours.

How can it help if I'm traveling alone?

  • XQUAD can guide you to any preset destination.

Is it easy to use? Do I need to learn it?

  • Simply set up groups in 3 steps: 1. Stand close with your team, pair with each other. 2. Split up. 3. Track others and check your personal Geo-Information.

Is the network safe?

  • XQUAD uses similar technology as Walkie-Talkie, it built up a unique and encrypted channel for the team. No back server needed, a simple device to device radio frequency communication will be set up for the team.

What is the battery life? And how to charge it?

  • 72 hours of standby, 24 hours of continuous use. Magnetic attachable charger, compatible with most of the phone USB DC.

What kind of sensors are you using?

  • 4 satellite system GPS. Accelerometer & Compass & Barometric Altimeter.

Will the XQUAD team keep updating the device in the future?

  • Yes, you can connect your XQUAD to your phone through Bluetooth to conduct firmware update.

Where can I use it?

  • Anywhere in the world with solid GPS signals.


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