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FocusBuds by Potential X are smart earbuds that uses EEG Neurofeedback to help you focus

FocusBuds by Potential X is the world's first pair of productivity boosting earbuds - the way they work is that embedded biosensors monitor your brain activity and remind you to refocus whenever you are distracted. 

This process known as EEG Neurofeedback trains your brain to better focus and block out distractions over time. 

The patent-pending technology behind FocusBuds is designed from the ground up to help your brain get into deep focus and enter the 'Flow State' at will.

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FocusBuds provides real-time feedback — training your brain to concentrate and eliminate procrastination. Achieve focus like you have never imagined. 

With FocusBuds, you can get focused and stay focused quickly and easily. FocusBuds are also integrated with a host of premium features such as Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity, one-touch voice control and noise isolation - making them the perfect pair of work earbuds.

For people serious about reaching their full potential, FocusBuds by Potential X is an advanced cognitive enhancing wearable that is the most effective at helping you boost your focus. 

Not only does FocusBuds use EEG Neurofeedback to actively help you concentrate, it’s also a powerful set of earbuds with noise isolation technology. Listen to your music wirelessly and without distractions or noise, while you dive deep in your work.


  • With FocusBuds, you can regain your lost hours and maximize your productivity every single day — saving you 20,000 hours over your career, enough time for you to become an expert at any skill, twice! 
  • By increasing your focused actions from 20% of your work-time to 100%, you’re essentially multiplying your efficiency and efficacy by five-times! That’s 5x the results or 5x less time you’re spending to get the same work done now. 
  • Using advanced machine learning models, FocusBuds is able to track and analyze your brain activity to find patterns in your work habits. 
  • You’ll be able to see what environments, times of day, habits and activities keep you focused and engaged — and what distracts you. Using this data, you can optimize your life by identifying your personal peak times and environment, while avoiding areas and habits that are distracting.
  • With FocusBuds, you’re rewiring your brain to be more focused and productive. By constantly reinforcing your focus behavior through operant conditioning , FocusBuds TRAINS your brain to tune out distractions, concentrate faster and stay focused longer. 
  • So even if you work without your FocusBuds, your brain will naturally enter a focused mode for extended productivity.
  • FocusBuds features a proprietary noise-isolation sound seal technology that localizes external sounds and isolates them so you can better block out distractions and work in focused silence.
  • An embedded microphone in FocusBuds lets you jump on phone calls without skipping a beat. Get targeted voice recognition and isolated sound for crystal clear calls. 
  • FocusBuds are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 which ensures a secure, seamless connection between you and your music — allowing you to focus on your work without wasting time untangling wires. 
  • Enjoy a wireless experience with unparalleled sound detail & accuracy.


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