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A shampoo and body wash fragranced with refreshing mandarin extract and balancing clary sage, inspired by our Mayfair salon heritage.


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This herbal infused formulation pays homage to our past practice of hand blended fragrances with light floral notes and enlivening mandarin peel extract. Both a shampoo and revitalising body wash, make this a pamper-ready gift for the modern globetrotter.

Mandarin: citrus reticulata
The aroma is sweet, fruity and citrusy with a light floral undertone, distinguished by its sensual, neroli-like trail.Clary Sage: saliva sclarea
A fresh, herbal note that is slightly floral and musky with amber accents.A pioneering botanical beginning, curating the world?s rarest and best ingredients to match the finest English craftsmanship.


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