HDMI Cable - Wireless Display

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This wireless display transmitter is the future of presentation.

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If Steve Jobs were still alive, he’d probably be ranting about HDMI cables. Always one to point out large problems in outdated user experiences, Jobs would clearly have a lot to say about HDMI cables and how they absolutely suck. I mean, they’re basically high definition VGA cables.The fundamental problem with the HDMI cable is that in a world that’s increasingly becoming wireless, the HDMI cable still isn’t. It’s still a struggle to dig through your cable drawer to look for one, then worry about whether your laptop has an HDMI port, then worry whether the cable is long enough. Not too elegant for the fact that we’re living in 2020, right Well, the guys at MOKiN feel the same way too, which is why they’ve proposed a pretty nifty solution. In a world that’s increasingly becoming wireless, MOKiN lets you extend your screen wirelessly too.Designed in two parts, a transmitter, and a receiver, MOKiN lets you connect a device to a display without running a clunky, ugly, entangled cable between the two. The transmitter and receiver let you extend your screen wirelessly and seamlessly, offering high-definition images with zero latency. It’s basically an HDMI cable without the cable or even the HDMI, because the MOKiN’s transmitter runs on a USB-C port.

  • Model:  HDMI Cable  (Wireless Display)
  • MOKiN is the first ultra-low latency wireless display transmitter with USB-C hub
  • It transmits data messages in real-time with minimum delay
  •  MOKiN is a perfect constant companion to your USB-C devices
  • No extra cables and no additional wire connections 
  • The MOKiN connects to all your USB-C devices (USB-C Data & Power Delivery, HDMI, MiniDP, microSD/SD, USB-A, Audio Jack). A one-stop solution for you to go completely wireless
  • The MOKiN also has a port for your mouse, printers, hard drives, keyboards, and your headphones, etc. Your MICRO SD Card connected keeps your plans in line with a much smoother delivery.


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